The Sound and Music Industry

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This project assesses the following module Outcome(s)/Assessment Criteria: 39The Sound and Music Industry1

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This assignment will introduce different areas of the music industry and should on completion, provide an overview of the ‘bigger picture' of the industry as a whole.

This essay is split into (a) areas (b) careers and (c) royalties but there is obviously a lot of overlap between these areas throughout. Hunter S Thompson said of the record industry ‘It is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs'. Basically is a record company just out to make money, or does it have its artists (the product) and its customers (the paying public who will buy what they think are the artist's wares) close to its corporate heart – i.e. is the name of the game just sheer profit? For an artist or group to get their finished song as a finished product it has to pass through a number of areas within the Music Industry. Typically these are:-

•actually getting signed and a recording deal with a company/label who then have to (i) physically record and produce the track(s) or album (ii) provide the financial means to pay for all the processes involved in getting the song to market (either paid for by the record company or recouped back from the artist when the record eventually sells and starts to make the artist some money) (iii) physically either manufacture the means of getting the song to the public, or sub contract that work – i.e. the production of the actual CD, DVD . (iv) arrange for and time the distribution of the finished recording (or sub contract it out) (v) provide or sub contract the art work / graphic design involved in any type of packaging for the finished product (vi) promote the artist and the artist's song(s) (vii) arrange schedules of tours for the artist to perform in public •the artist actually does all of the above himself via an independent record label or via the Internet •the artist gets himself a manager to guide him through the minefield that is The Sound and Music Industry •The artist either gets a publishing deal with a Music Publishing company to look after the copyrights involved in his work/songs so that they are legally protected and also the income streams generated from his finished song are collected via the various agencies when his song is played in public, sampled or re-recorded. •The artist looks after all of the music publishing side himself •The artist gets some sort of legal aid (lawyer) to ensure any contracts that he signs with record companies/labels, publishers, distributors and graphics departments are in his best interests Firstly we need to examine the different areas of the Sound and Music Industry It could be stated simply that the Music Industry is made up of 3 components (a) The artist or performer (b) the general public that listens and watches the artist's product (his song and the video/commercial/film/theatre/club/concert of him performing his song and finally (c) the different distribution areas that are responsible for both that artist and the ways and means of getting the artist's raw product (his initial concept for a song) out to the buying consumer as a finished product(7", 12" single, CD, DVD, MP3 or film score of the artist's performance), and at the same time maximising their commercial profit. In fact it is vast and the diagram below shows the surrounding shell or cocoon, processes and interactions the artist may have to have to achieve his aim of getting the listening public to hear and buy his music. Typically the artist has a Manager who should be dedicated to looking after his interests in the best possible way and interacting with all the areas shown,...
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