Professional Communication in It Industry

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  • Published : August 11, 2011
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communication is defined as the transmission of messages,social interaction through messages ,reciprocal creation of meaning in a context,sharing of meaning through information,ideas and feelings(Mohan, T.,2008,p-5).In our daily professional life the most important thing is communication.communication is a two way process in which the reciver and the sender both should be involved actively.communication also varies from one culture to other culture.

In the information technology employees mostly come from techinical background.having only technical skills is not sufficient to become succesfull in IT industry they should have communication skills which plays a vital role to become succesfull in IT industry.for an IT employee he must have the writing skills,listenning skills,reading skills,public speaking,can make effective telephone calls,body language.

overview of IT industry:
Information technology basically refers to the employment of computer hardware and software applications to manage data.IT industryis managing technology in different areas such as computer software ,information systems,computer hardware,programming langauges,and data constructs.IT professionals have skills in performing software design,networking,programing,database etc,.we can see the IT professionals in different industries like cell phones,automobiles, a days each almost every industry needs a IT professionals. KEY ISSUES CONCERNING COMMUNICATING AS PROFESSIONALS:

non-verbal and verbal communication:
non-verbal communication refers to the messages we give and recive through body language and facaial expressions."non-verbal communication are classified ,emphasisning the importance of eye behaviour,facial expression,gesture and posture,space,time,touch and vocalics"(Mohan, T., 2008, p-64).verbal communication is communicating face-to-face.the key components of verbal communication are sound,words,speaking,language.In the IT industry...
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