Reflection on Care Skills

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Reflection on my personal effectiveness as a care worker

• My communication skills

• My caring Skills

• My strengths and weakness

My communication skills;

Communication is the process of sending and receiving verbal and non-verbal messages, which involves exchange of information, feelings, needs and preferences.

Communication consists of,

Verbal skills: The tone, volume and the words we use.

Non-verbal: Your body Language, facial expressions, touch and personal space.

Active listening: To switch off all thoughts in your head and shut out all distractions so that you can understand what is been said through verbal and body language.

I feel good communication skills are vital for working in health care as they help develop positive relationships with clients and families, to understand and meet their needs. I feel that communication with some clients may be more challenging than others. While caring for an elderly client with dementia, Vera (not real name) frequently cries out for her mother, which leaves her very distressed and aggressive to staff and other patients. I remembered while talking to Vera’s niece when she was visiting, she mentioned that Vera always took great pride in her appearance especially caring for her hands. I decided to distract Vera by applying hand cream and massaging it into her hands, it helped calm Vera down and I felt it was very therapeutic for her. I feel I was attentive, sensitive and compassionate. Listening is a vital part in caring as it helped me identify a way to relate to Vera.

My caring Skills;

By maintaining a loving connection with an elderly person, you honor your relationship, and help to improve that person’s quality of life.

Communication is essential in every area of life, but it especially important for a health care assistant.

Effective communication skills are a major part

in nursing create a high level of customer satisfaction...
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