Problem Solving and Teamwork

Topics: Problem solving, Leadership, Communication Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: July 8, 2011

Throughout a great deal of the world people like to work in teamwork. Not only can teamwork help people to increase their work efficiency but also it promotes they become more togetherness. In this essay, it will describe teamwork experience in Writing course and analyses problems and the solutions that the teamwork met. In the writing course, there was an assignment to let the group to discussion and completed it in limiting time. The students who in this group come from different country and the members didn’t know mutually. One of the problems with the teamwork is, however, that a lack of communication can happen. For example, the students have their own language and their English skill is not well, as a result, the students can’t understand all information the group discussed and there were trouble to explain own opinion. Because of this, a lack of motivation to communicate among the members which it has decreased the teamwork efficiency. Another problem is differences in ideas, skills and even beliefs. As the members depended on their own opinion, the debate was fierce. And the group spent more to discussion on one question that there were not enough time to finish all question. Thurs, the result of this assignment got influence. In order to solve the problem there are various strategy that have already been tried in the group. One strategy which was tried to solve the problem of a lack of communicate was to get to know one another. In a group of people get to know mutually help members to recognize valve cultural differences, and so the togetherness of teamwork goes up, the communication of group increase as well. Another measure which the group implemented was to ask for help if needed. The members need to ask for help if needed so as to know all information the group discussed and promote the communication. To prevent teamwork problems there are some solutions that one can apply. One possible solution is to team building exercises. It can open...
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