Principles and Practice of Assessment

Topics: Assessment, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 22 (8556 words) Published: April 28, 2013
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CTLLS Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Unit 3: Principles and practice of assessment

The topics I am researching are:
Principles of assessment, different methods, strengths and limitations of these Peer and self-assessment
How feedback and questioning contribute to the assessment process The types of assessment records which would be used to meet organizational and external requirements

Part of my role as beauty tutor is to assess my students at one time or other. The assessment will be carry out to discover whether or not a student could perform a specific task in the beauty salon, or to judge if the student has mastered a new skill or the amount of theory or knowledge the student can recall. With huge variety of students and beauty courses, there is also a variety of assessment methods to accommodate. Even though there is a large assortment of styles, the fundamental reason why assessment takes place is the same: to collect evidence of learning and for learning, to record it and to report achievement. Until now has been down to me to identify if learning took place. Therefore what I needed to find out about, in terms to being able to improve the beauty course was the advantages and disadvantages of different assessment methods in relation to the learning outcomes of the specific unit, to implement those methods so effective learning takes place. In order to increase my understanding of the areas research was completed to greater embed the skills I need to become an effective teacher. Through my research I feel I gained an invaluable insight into the way in which I approach my students regarding assessment and be able to incorporate these ideas into my teaching methods. By understanding all areas of assessment I hope to be able to enhance the learning experience of my learners and avoid the dangers of inappropriate or even damaging assessments.

When researching the areas I used a number of books including: Teaching today by Geoff Petty, Practical Teaching by Linda Wilson and Principles and Practice of Assessment by Ann Gravells. In addition I was able to find a number of interesting articles of the internet using various search engines, some of this research you may find at the end of this assignment.

Principles of assessments
Prior to discussing the assessment process it is significant to start with a definition from Gravells which states “Assessment is a way of finding out if learning has taken place. It enables you, the assessor to ascertain if your learner has gained the required skills and knowledge needed at a given point towards a course qualification”. (Gravells, A 2011 – page 7)

Assessments allow us to find out if learning has taken place and it can help diagnose learner’s needs such as poor numeracy or literacy skills. It can also provide a way to evaluate learner’s programmes and scheme of work, helping to make sure it fits the syllabus. It helps keep the learners motivated by showing them their potential and can give learners the feeling of achievement when an assessment is passed. The assessment methods can take many forms within the classroom or the salon. There are formal assessments which could be planned assessments which have to adhere to strict procedures according to the governing body, for example an exam. Informal could be as simple as a classroom discussion or as an observation to review learner’s progress during an exercise, and throughout a learner’s course informal assessment is going on all the time. Every time the learners answer a question or asks one, he/she is providing the tutor with feedback. The main difference between formal and informal assessment is the issues surrounding them. Unlike formal assessment, informal still remains subjective even after standardisation. The main issues are validity, reliability, subjectivity,...
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