Pttls Task 4 Unit 6

Topics: Learning, Education, Lesson plan Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Task Four Unit Six

In this task I will be evaluating my micro-teaching session, the teaching approaches, learning approaches and how I created a motivating learning environment, by using session evaluation and peer feedback. I decided on delivering a beauty therapy session on how to file and polish a nail, as this is my specialism subject I hope to teach one day and also something I am naturally passionate about and the session would be smooth and knowledgeable. As beauty therapy is a specialism subject I wanted to make sure that my whole group had a starting point, although two of the men had initially said they had no experience in nail paint before, I compared it to painting a wall and used that as their previous experience to encourage them first. When planning my lesson I wanted to make sure that I covered all learning styles by combining a practical, hands on session with a lot of questioning, history and theory behind nail polish. As well as a written quiz to finish. “Not all learners are motivated by the same values, needs, desires or wants. Some of your learners will be motivated by approval of others and some by overcoming personal challenges.” (Gravells, 2012: 280) The room was laid out in a circle of tables with one desk at the front for the tutor, I wanted to create a closer more relaxed atmosphere so that the students could watch my demo and feel comfortable to ask questions. So I moved the separate desk and join the circled table. Throughout the practical demonstration I remained seated, but moved around the room at certain intervals to check and measure the learner’s progress. Going from my peer’s feedback forms this style suited my session as they all felt it came naturally and felt comfortable enough to ask questions. I did use various resources during mu session as it was a very hand on session and I wanted all the learners to practice the shape and polish themselves (including the males). So I had prepared some artificial...
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