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Challenge First Graders

1. Not much, it was a bit similar to my first grade experience, in my first grade experience, we had few ones of teacher all day, and stayed in same room often.

2. My experience in my first grade was completely different because ratio of my classroom would be 2:15, teacher/student. While in my observation in Challenge First Grade class, each of students needed staff. so their ratio is 5:5. Also in the class i observed, had much, much less students than my first grade experience. I think it is because those students were challenge so they needed a staff to keep monitoring while other staff could watch their own student without being stuck. Also, in my first grade, we get to go bathroom by ourselves, but staff stand in doorway make sure i get there okay. But in challenge class, the students had to keep bathroom door open so teacher can be in there with them probably changing their diapers, or making sure they get on toilet before they make mess or they'll clean it up.

3. I was surprised they had sensory room for their students, all were provided by school. Sensory room is like a relax room, where kids can go in and play on machines or riding materials to enjoy themselves before lunch break. Also i was impressed the school provided IPAD for each table, IPAD helps those students to communicate better because few of those students have no vocal skill. not just that, they used sign language lot with those students without vocal skill.

4. They had lot of activities for each subjects, shapes, counting stick, vocabularies, color, o'clock counting, sounds match to words. I would've used those actives because it is fun and our young students can related to easy level of activities but same time, they will learn throughout year.

5. The differences between Challenge and Normal, I'm not sure which level i want to work in my future. Both is fine with me but what am i strongly connected to teach which level of functions?
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