Kindergarten and Children

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Children & Young People’s Workforce
Early Learning & Childcare Diploma Level 3

EYMP4 – Professional practice in early years settings

Explain how the range of early years settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector

The early year’s sector was not developed by government policy with specific aims but was created in response to the requirements of families to change economical and social factors. Therefore public expenditure focused on families with social needs and difficulties. Local authority day nurseries catered mainly for children who were at risk from harm mainly in deprived areas. The Private sector held childminders, nannies and private nurseries available. The playgroup movement developed during the 1960s where parents set up and ran provision for their own children to learn through play in village halls and other community facilities.

Families requirements for their children vary some parents want care for their children so that they can return to work, some parents want to stay with their children while they socialise, some parents want their children in settings which offer services aimed at learning. Others may want their children to be in a home based environment but unfortunately not every family can afford to pay provision fees, therefore the early year’s sector has various forms of provision to meet the needs of all families. The childcare provision includes:

Mother and toddler groups
A place were the toddler can socialise with other children their age, whilst the mother or father can stay and learn more ways to look after and help with the child's development Pre-school
A private nursery, one that is paid for by the parent do not hold compulsory hours, the child doesn’t have a primary school place already. This is for a younger child to gain confidence at an early age. Day care

A day care is for children from the age of 3 months to 5 years, they have different classes for children of different ages and the parents can drop off the child and pick them up when they wish. Some parents only take the child in for one or two hours a day so that they have some interaction with other children and have new experiences. Crèche

A crèche is a drop in centre childcare provision, the parents do not pay a monthly fee they only pay when they need such childcare, crèche’s are in many different places such as gyms, shopping centres and churches, in these areas the children are looked after whilst the parents can work out, shop or pray.

The childcare sector has changed vastly in the last 50 years along with society. Mothers have stopped staying at home and also passed on primary care to nannies or child minders. More childcare settings have been needed as a result of this.The government offer all 3-4 year old children free day care in nurseries such as my setting for up to 15 hours a week, this means mothers can go to work etc. leaving their child there in the care of nursery teachers, practitioners and nursery nurses.

Identify current policies, frameworks and influences on the early years sector [pic] [pic] [pic]

United nations convention on the rights of the child
Founded in 1989 by world leaders who decided that children needed a special convention for those under 18s because they often need special care and that the government has a responsibility to take measures to make sure children’s rights are protected, respected and fulfilled. All children have a right to adequate food, shelter, clean water, education, health care, leisure and recreation. The act also protects children’s rights by setting the standards in health care, education and legal, civil and social services.

The four core principles are:

Devotion to the best interests of the child
The right to life
Survival and development
Respect the views of a child

All children up to the age of 18 are protected regardless of race, religion, gender, culture, whether they are rich or poor have a...
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