Observation 1: Environment

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Observation 1: Environment

1) Chabot College, Building 3500, Classroom; Preschool-1
2) There are 20 children in this classroom with only 2 teachers. The age of the children in this classroom range between 3-4 years old. The type of setting is a very warm and welcoming environment. Looks like materials are age-appropriate and focuses on the whole child. The center is divided into each specific area. The setting is open to whatever the child feels like focusing on. Each area focuses on one activity group. The areas include; dramatic area, reading area, block area, science & nature area, art area and puzzle area. 3) There are many interest areas in the center. The first area would be a toddler loft and a tent like area with blocks. This would be a place a child could be alone for awhile. The loft is fully carpeted and you are able to view the classroom from above. On the loft area there are kids’ paintings all along the wall with their pictures attached. There is a rug under the loft with car tracks printed on it, which a child could use their imagination with cars and trucks provided. There are 6 baskets full of animals in one big cubby. Each basket has one type of animal, i.e. giraffes, elephants, horses, cows, sheep and dinosaurs. There are cubbies for all the different blocks. Along the wall there are pictures of the child and their masterpieces with the blocks. This may help guide he child who wants to build. There is a socio-dramatic play area. This area includes dresses, suits, a doctor’s coat and a policeman jacket for each child to pretend play. There is one big blue mailbox posted on the shelf and above the shelf there is a radio with a CD player with many CD’s beside. This would tie in with the dramatic play. There is a full-body mirror for the children to view themselves. There is also a kitchen area which provides a child size kitchen equipment including a refrigerator, a stove and an oven. Kitchen supplies included approximately 4 plastic bowls, 4 plastic plates, 4 plastic cups and several pots and pans. There was also a basket full of baby dolls provided with dress up clothes and baby bottles. There is a child life table with approximately 4 chairs. In this area, there is also a birthday wall which has every month posted on the wall and a picture of the child according to their birthday month. Above this area there is a huge colorful parachute hanging from the ceiling. There is a quiet area which promotes reading time. There are pictures on the wall with children reading books quietly. There are approximately 4 child size leather chairs in this area which makes it a comfy and welcoming place to relax. Reading area provides 2 multi-shelved bookcases full of books. There are a variety of books provided in English, Spanish and Chinese. This area is also fully carpeted which gives the child room to layout on the floor and read. There is one large panda bear stuff animal which the child could use as a pillow or even lay on top of for padding. There are approximately 25 square mats for the children to sit on during circle time. Next to this area there are 2 child size tables with approximately 5 child size chairs for each table. There are approximately 25 puzzles on a 3 shelf bookcase and there is another cubby with approximately 6 floor puzzles. There is also a basket full of puzzle pieces that look like they can all fit together no matter how you put them together. There is also a separate table just for Legos and a felt table. There is a roll away cart with approximately 25 journals provided. There is also a science and nature area. There is a turtle tank which homes 2 turtles sitting on top a table. Next to the turtle tank there are several leaves, pumpkins, corn husks, books on nature, water filled jars with food coloring and a magnifying glass. There is a large adult size sink provided in this area. All these items lead...
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