Precision System Inc.

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Action and Implementation Plan

The decision that the group would take is to implement a web-based ordering system that would allow customers to configure their orders in accordance with the specification that they want. Through this the data entry error will decrease. The necessary steps for planning the implementation of a web-based ordering system are stated bellow.

The first step in implementing this course of action is to determine the objectives of the company. As for our PSI it aims to reduce its error in order entry stage of the business process. The company should also take into account the customers that will be using the website so that we can better design it in accordance with their characteristics and the data information that they would provide as deemed necessary to process an order. We should also take into account the constraints of creating a website such as bandwidth so that we can properly take this into account in the design phase of the website construction.

The second step is to construct metrics that will help in determining the success or the failure of the selected course of action. Such metrics for PSI includes that the incremental cost for the web-based ordering system should not be more than 15.72% of the estimated annual failure cost. This will help the company evaluate whether the investment is fulfilling its intended purpose or not.

The third step is to define system specifications. PSI should identify the features that can be done through the website which comprises of the ordering features for the goods sold by the company. PSI should also specify business requirements which are as follows: customer may change or cancel their order one week from the required delivery date of the equipment after which the order is said to be final, the allowed mode of payments will also be identified, the maximum and minimum orders needed for a certain transaction, and all other policies that the company wants to implement. PSI should...
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