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Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Proposal Pages: 4 (1069 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Researching for S-N-F Electronics about Building a Website for the Company

Proposal to build a website for S-N-F Electronics to increase sales and saving money with-in the company.

S-N-F Electronics
Team E:
Keith Henningsen
Heather Mapes
Tyler Nooney
14 April 2013

Memo of Transmittal for Research Report
Transmittal Correspondence

TO:Management of S-N-F Electronics
FROM: Team E (Keith Henningsen, Heather Mapes, and Tyler Nooney.) DATE:April 14th 2013
SUBJECT: Transmittal for research on establishing a website

This is a follow up to see how our first proposal sent on 17 March 2013 .The company still feels that it is extremely important to have a website in order for our revenue to increase, also to keep our clients happy. Customers in this day and age are all about speed...the faster and easier it can be done the better! Since this is the way it is now, we need to keep up with the ever-changing world of business. In order to do this successfully the company feels we can achieve this with something as simple as a website.

We have been losing out on profits and clients to companies that are keeping more current with the times. In order to actively compete in the ever-changing business world, we will need to give our customers whatever it is they need, and what they need is convenience. A lot of people these days don’t have time to get on a phone and wait to go through the channels they need to to place an order and write down addresses and dates. For example, a client company might have people on phones and computers all day, so instead of having to hold incoming calls and waste time, all they’d have to do is go onto our website and quickly put down the information and in a couple of business days their order arrives!

With an internet website, every bit of information that both our company and the customer will need will be right on the screen ready to be filled out. It’s as simple as that, a client can...
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