Sdlc for Food Ordering System

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Generally, as it was mentioned in our first assignment, we supposed to choose any organization and try to develop an accurate system for it. We chose “Taktaz Restaurant” which serves Iranian traditional foods as our target and decided to develop an “online food ordering system” for it. We use Structured Analysis Method, which is time-tested and easy to understand method, as our system developing technique. Structured Analysis uses a series of phases, called the system development life cycle (SDLC), to plan, analyze, design, implement, and support an information system. In the first assignment we asked to concentrate on the first two phases of SDLC, planning and analyzing. In this assignment we are going to do last three phases, which are design, implement and support. The most important parts of these three phases that we are supposed to do in this assignment are as following: a.Output and user interface design

b.Data design – ER Diagram
c.System architecture
d.System implementation (system prototype) – specify the hardware, software and platform used. e.System support maintenance

Output Design
Types of output
In the system design phase, we will create the actual forms, reports, documents and other types of output. During this process we must consider the format and how it will be delivered, stored and retrieved.

1.Internet-Base Information Delivery Output
In our information system we used internet-base information delivery as the output type. To support our online food ordering system, we have provided user-friendly screen interfaces that display output and accept input from customers. Customers visiting the site can check available food items and their prices in our menu, then can register for online ordering.
2. Screen Report Output
Our information system also provides daily reports for Taktaz manager. To be useful, a report must include the information that a user need. Our system provides daily detailed reports in two categories: i.Total amount of daily orders

ii.Total number of daily orders grouped by different customers’ name The examples of our system detailed report are shown in following.

Total amount of daily orders

Total number of daily orders grouped by different customers’ name

As you can see, our system detailed report provides total for numeric fields. It also adds tax percentage to total selling amount for giving better estimation. The report also have auto incremental control field to controls output.

User Interface Design
Although output design involves a separate set of physical design issues, it is a part of the user interface (UI). User interface describes how users interact with a computer system and consists of all the hardware, software, screens, menus, functions, output and features that affect two-way communications between the user and the computer. Our customers through the website will work with a varied mix of input, output and, indirectly, date queries as they perform ordering process. Because all those tasks require interaction with the computer system, the user interface is a vital element in the systems design phase. It is important to design a user interface that is easy to use, attractive and efficient. To achieve these goals we have used following rules: 1.Focusing on basic objectives

According to this rule, we tried to create a simple design that is easy to learn and understand. We aimed to design a logical and attractive layout as well.

2.Building an interface that is easy to learn and use.
Based on this rule, we only used images that users can understand easily, to identify icons. We also made it easy to return to any level in our menu structure system.

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