Management 321

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MGT 321
System Build Project
For this project, you will design a system for the organization of your choosing. This could be for a current or former employer or some fictitious organization (Banks Against Blight LLC). The system you design might be data storage, telecommunications, e-commerce, accounting information, manufacturing process system, inventory management, or some other system approved by your instructor.  You will discover (or create, if you choose a fictional organization) and explain the main systems in place, discuss the integration, and explain how the data collected by these systems helps the organization make decisions and carry out the strategic plan.  This project must meet the written communication skills at a Bachelor level competency as described in the Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative. Specific parts of the paper should include (below).

• Determine the System (Needs Analysis)

o Problem to solve
Banks Against Blight LLC (BAB) is a national property preservation and inspection company. It provides mortgage field services including property inspections, property preservation, REO property maintenance, valuation services and more. The success of BAB is the result of continuous focus on building long-term relationships with mortgage servicers based upon trust and integrity.  BAB serve some of the industry's best and largest real estate servicing companies.  They take responsibility on behalf of their clients for maintaining properties with an emphasis on neighborhood integrity.  The problem to solve included the redesign of an antiquated database system used for providing metrics for the seasonal grass cuts performed by BAB vendors across the country. The former system was done on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Due to the growth of BAB, its network of grass cut vendors and national foreclosures, reporting the performance and accuracy of its vendors to the banks had become a very tedious process that needed more automation.

o Determine specific issue
The specific issue was determining the best system for inputting large amounts of data and outputting cycle reports based on that data.

o What part can technology solve
Technology allows quick input and output of data in a format that allows management to easily determine which vendors are performing to standards created by BAB’s clients.

o Get input from creators and users
Input from the creator and users provided by the CEO, CFO, data processor and various end users from the vendor network.

o How solving this problem supports the organization's mission Solving the technology problem supports the organization’s mission, which is: • Providing consistent, high-quality service • Performing our work at reasonable prices

• Providing an accurate executive summary of grass cut metrics • Integration of system into current organization system

o Describe current major systems
The current major system used is Microsoft Access 2007. o Discuss compatibility of the new system with current systems The new system is part of Microsoft Office and is compatible with other office products used (Microsoft Excel). o Explore various decision-making support models


o Evaluate the advantages and limitations of data in DSS Advantages of data in DSS:
1. Improvement in efficiency
2. Expedites problem solving
3. Facilitates interpersonal communication
4. Promotes learning or training
5. Increases organizational control
6. Generates new evidence in support of a decision 7. Creates a competitive advantage...
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