Pizza Store Online Ordering System

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A Pizza store is an establishment wherein pizza – an oven-baked, flat, round bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings is made and sold. Pizza stores become emerging fast food in urban area, just by hearing the word "pizza" brings a smile to the face of just about every Filipino. Whatever style or variety pizza invariably makes it to the top of their "favorite food" lists. Some entrepreneurs and companies decided to concentrate on pizza because they found out that, next to fast-food chains selling burgers, the most patronized parlors are those engaged in pizzas, making it a potentially high-income business. These companies and businesses continued to grow at astonishing rate, established new franchise and branches and developed systems to cater customer’s satisfaction. This has given birth to the ecommerce where people are happy to follow the click and order procedure.

Electronic commerce also known as e-commerce is the process which allows you to sell products, services or business trading through internet. Any activity that utilizes some form of electronic communication in the inventory, exchange, advertisement, distribution and/or payment of goods and services is what we call e-commerce.

By conducting the study the researchers wants to develop an ordering system that will help a pizza store to accept orders and manage their products in the easiest way possible. In an ordering system all orders are taken centrally, stored on the server computer, can be reviewed anytime from anywhere. The advantages of this online ordering system is that the company can increase their sales through deliveries and transaction fees, lower labor cost, zero-cost maintenance, allows their employees to focus on the customers at the restaurants instead the ones in the phone and lastly customer can order at any point of the day. In lieu to this, there will be no more confusion about the orders, wrong deliveries, inappropriate bills, and it will eliminates embarrassing situations and reduce mistakes in service process.

Pizza Pedricos is a pioneer of the Frozen-fresh pizza segment 10 years ago; they have received a deluge of applications and interest for franchising their brand from all over the Philippines and the world. Taking a more cautious stand on ensuring they have what it takes to support a network of partners who will in turn make sure their ultra delicious and wonderful products reach every corner of the world and bring a smile out of every customer who enjoys their products.

Throughout 10 years, the mother company Jimini Foods Incorporated, has carefully studied and build the market and its business making it the dominant market leader in the Frozen-fresh pizza segment with a network of over 800 stores and Counter Top Operations in the country. They have put in place the necessary infrastructure and systems to support and sustain a franchising (through dealerships) format that can support our vision of a whole new pizza experience for every consumer, every time, in every corner of the world. Pizza Pedricos was born to offer consumers a choice of their own flavors in every box of 4. Vision:

Lead and build simple sustainable business to delight the customer and develop entrepreneurs for long-term growth across the globe. Mission:
1. Introduce simple and sustainable businesses that are easy to run and grow. 2. Develop passionate entrepreneurs to start small and grow big businesses. 3. Launch innovative, delicious, nutritious and interesting food product concept to delight and satisfy the customer always. 4. Promote high level of integrity and professionalism across the company and be an example to the industry. 5. Give all glory to God.

In this study, the researchers chose Magento platform because it is compatible application...
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