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Topics: Management, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: April 30, 2013
DQ1 - Chapter Ten examines organizational structures, and the way in which we organize tasks and jobs. Think about your “dream job” and describe the type of organizational structure and other relationships (think org chart). What does this organization look like? Review chapter ten for background - - such as Functional Departmentalism, Centralized, Decentralized, a Matrix organization, etc. Would you be empowered? Essentially your ideal dream job operates within some organizational structure. What does that look like for you? DQ2 - After reading Chapter Eleven, what are the implications of change for an organization? If change leads to innovation than how can we use that for comopetive advantage? Think about what it can do, and where it can take us. DQ3 - Read Chapter Twelve, which is about Human Resources. What do you see as the developing challenges for organizationssS? Think about generational issues? The Millennials have attitudes toward work, authority, employee and employer relationships, do you work to live, or live to work? What is the strategic role of human resource management to the organization?

1) My dream job would be where I am CEO, and the managers below me would be self-governing but have unbiased third party of regulators oversees the managers. Then I would oversee the third party regulator so no one group would overpower the other. Of course with my CEO position, I’m elected by the board so my balance of power is in check as well. I would utilize a macro-management style so I can allow the employees an opportunity for creativity. 2) Employees will be thrown in disarray and some will lose the sight of their objective within the company so strong leadership is a must. Leadership is a very strong factor in leading change within the organization. There is also a responsibility for the employees as well to maintain an optimistic outlook and look for the best opportunity within the company. A faster and better a company adapts to change,...
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