The Affect of Change in Leadership

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The Affect of Change in Leadership
David Downin
Dr. Sam Sanders

Leadership is an area of growth. The person in a leadership position is set to guide the minds of the people beneath him or her. The only way that a leader can do that is by living vicariously through the members’ work experiences and remaining positive. A positive leader is motivated for successes and failures and encourages his team members to do the same. His or her vision is mostly optimistic and visionary. In this case, the need for a leader to be ever-changing is seriously important. This attitude of change is contagious and should reflect the attitude of any organization. When an attitude of change is not reflective in the organization, it may stifle growth. The key is to find a way to make the planted seed a tall tree. Even more important, the small and large organizations use the new tall tree and how does its place affect the environment around it?

The Affect of Change in Leadership
A large majority of companies start small before branching off into smaller sub-sections or using a heavy amount of outsourcing. This was done by Smith Falmouth. The company decided to start a division ran by a Chief Executive Officer, Irene Seagraves. She is the head of the new and successful branch called S&F Online. The branch has managed to gain minimal success. This success has managed to gain Irene and her staff credibility over the past six months. It is, on the other hand, imperative that the branch continues to grow and make improvements. Irene has implemented a change in uniform authority and challenged the current organizational culture. It is now more crucial than ever to measure the sustainability of the company’s management control, organizational structure and culture, restructure, and leadership styles.

Management Control
The S&F Online staff consists of three managers: James William Argyle, Brian Kervor, and Adam Serle. All three persons work at the same level but control different aspects of the company. The Project Manager is James William Argyle, a headstrong manager who has a close connection with his web development team. James values teamwork and is known for building a personal rapport with each colleague (Human Relations, 2010). The Logistics manager is Brian Kervor, a dedicated and involved leader and team worker. Brian makes up for his lack of charisma through his sheer effort and involvement with teams (Human Relations, 2010). Marketing is controlled by Mr. Adam Serle, an intelligent extrovert who respects the ideas of team members but rarely interacts with them. He has an interest to build the brand of the branch and help the parent company promote and sell the perception of S&F Online. He skillfully manages his relationships with the key players in S&F Online even though he does not interact with their teams (Human Relations, 2010). The current status and personality of each manager is evident and has helped create a subculture is not necessarily helpful to the company’s progress. The current move by Irene Seagraves to install the new Chief Officer of Operations (COO) directly under her in the chain of command has created distaste with some members of the organization, especially the headstrong Project Manager.

Organizational Structure and Culture
The capacity of an environment refers to the degree to which it can support growth (Robbins & Judge, 2007). The organizational structure of S&F Online is designed to deal with special departments who handle specific tasks. The use of...
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