Policy Reflection

Topics: Policy, Medicine, Decision theory Pages: 3 (549 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Kristin Barry
March 9, 2013
HCA 255
Mary White

Health Policy Reflection

Policy Analyst can be considered a systematic comparison analysis of all sets of policies. There are two elements an analysis must consider include legal analysis and political analysis. These are very important in the decision making process. They have to consider all aspects thoroughly before any decision is made in regards to health policies. These decisions help to improve the healthcare system with implementation planning, implementation strategy, and any feedback for the policy process (Curtis P. McLaughlin and Craig D. McLaughlin, 2008). An effective analysis will consist of a health service policy options, data, and analyses. This is made for effectively communicating and easy understanding. This critical information is used to develop proper potential solutions (Lewin, (n.d.)).

An analysis must consider that many organizations and single participants are not always going

to come to agreements on some things. Each group will have a different view and focus on what is of

interest to that organization or single participants. The analysis will be able to make various

recommendations after analyzing any potential policies, then proposing a solution. Since policies are so

deeply ingrained they are difficult to change so the interest of the groups must be well understood

(What is policy, (n.d.)). Policy analysis use different resources like focus groups, cost benefit analysis,

surverys and other tools to gauge potential policy outcomes (Blanchard, 2007).

Health policy making has factors like legal analysis process. The use of legal analysis helps to

make sure that they have assured and considered the rights of clients, patients, and etc. A legal analysis

can help determine the laws that may be relevant in identifying an issue that may be presented that can

work with that particular health care policy. Politically health...
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