The Policy Process Part 1

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The Policy Process: Part 1
Ryan Schmidt
HCS 455
February 18, 2013
Midge Elkins, PhD, RNC-OB

The Policy Process: Part 1
Polices are reviewed and considered everyday with the intention to solve problems and improve the quality of life. The policies implemented to improve the American health care system affect each and every person, so it is extremely important that policies are carefully considered before they are implemented. The following paper will address how a topic eventually becomes a policy and will include the formulation stage, the legislative stage, and finally the implementation stage. Before a policy is even established, it goes through several stages which include: agenda building, formulation, adoption, implementation, evaluation and termination. These steps are extremely important and need to be carefully carried out during the policy process to ensure that the policy will indeed solve the problem at hand and to also improve the quality of life for all citizens. Formulation Stage

There is a lot that goes into implementing new policies. Before a policy can be created or even formulated, a problem needs to exist. Policy makers need to be prepared to explain the problem at hand and why the issue is so important. When presenting an existing problem, there are several questions to be prepared for such as: What are the implications of not acting? What is at stake? Why is action needed? These questions are important when presenting a problem to the government. Once a problem exists, the government will look into the situation. What is the formulation stage? Well pretty much the formulation stage is where the government seeks different approaches in order to solve the problem at hand. There are typically several people involved in this stage of the process including: Congress, the executive branch, the courts and interest groups (, n.d.). Throughout the formulation process different approaches to the policy are made by either the President or by opposition party members of congress. The last part of the formulation stage is that the proposed bill goes before congress in which they or a regulatory agency will draft proposed rules. Once the proposed rules are drafted the process continues on with adoption in which the next process to discuss is the legislation stage. Legislation Stage

The legislation stage can often times be very complicated and sometimes is can take months or even years before a bill is even passed. There are several steps in the legislative stage which include: 1. Referral to the committee

2. Committee action
* Subcommittee review and hearings
* Mark-up sessions
* Committee action to report a bill
* Publication of written report
3. Scheduling floor action
4. Debate
5. Voting
6. Referral to other chamber
7. Conference committee action
8. Final floor action
9. Executive action
10. Congressional override

The first step in the legislative stage is the referral to committee in which the bills are referred to members such as a senator or congressman that are a part of the committee. The second step is committee action, this takes place when a bill reaches the committee and from there they process the bills being introduced and investigate the need for new legislation. Other actions under this step consist of subcommittee review and hearings, where they gather different viewpoints, mark-up sessions which is when the bill is examined and changes are made if necessary, committee action to report a bill is when the committee can conduct further study and hearings and then from there they vote on it before reporting the bill to the full house or senate, finally the last step under step two is the publication of a written report which is when a written report is prepared on the bill, detailing the scope, and impact of the proposed bill as well as the views of other members. The third step is scheduling...
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