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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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American Association of Critical Care Nurses

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses is one of the world well respected specialty associations for critical care nurses. AACN has been catering for the nurses who work in intensive care unit, nurses who take care of critically ill patients for 40 years. 500000 nurses interest are represented by this organization. Goal of this organization is to mold the healthcare delivery system to make health care, patient and patient’s family centered. AACN expect their nurses to make large contribution in the healthcare of their patients by providing quality care, backed by deeper understanding of subject matter. As per AACN critical care and acute care nursing is a specialty in nursing that covers human responses to life threatening health condition acute or chronic.

AACN wants to provide quality education, resources and knowledge to the critical care nurses, so that these nurses can assist the patient and their families in their most vulnerable times and help them recover from their illnesses with flying colors. AACN only expect the best form their nurses because anything less is not acceptable.

AACN is committed to change the health care delivery system to make the needs of the patient and their families the top priority and critical care and acute care nurses to play an important role by their valuable contribution in their patient’s health promotion.

Advantages of membership:
1. AACN offer critical care and acute care nurses to stay ahead in the latest advancement in modern critical care management 2. AACN provides lot of opportunities through seminars, regional conferences and E-Book’s 3. AACN offers 365 days and nights online line quality courses. These courses are very affordable and very easy to access anytime and anywhere. 4. Skills learned online can be practiced in a safer digital surrounding to provide quality care in a live environment.

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