The Policy Process, Part Ll

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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The Policy Process Part II
Sharon Reed
University of Phoenix
HCS/455 – Health Care Policy: The Pass and th Future
March 5, 2012
Ronald Bucci

In the upcoming election health care and health care reform will be a main issue of debated. Women health has always an issue. From President Roosevelt to President Obama, health care were an issues and still an issue. Most American women today are still without health care insurance, but with the Affordable Care Act American will have access to health care insurance. Women health care is more complex than men. Women reproductive health is a greater rate of health problem and longer life spans compared with men. Most American women are low-income, and face the challenge of work, family, and care giving responsibilities. Women vested interest in the types in the types of services offer by the health system. Because women access to care is influenced by a range of factors, analysis of women’s health policy cuts across many sectors of health care financing and delivery systems. Women composed the majority of beneficiaries in publicly, making women key stakeholders in public debates of Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare. Because of lower incomes, affordability, and cost are critical issues for women. Health insurance is a critical factor in making health care accessible to women. Women with insurance coverage are likely to obtain preventive, primary, and specialty care services, and better access to many of new advances in women’s health. Most of the 96 million women ages 18 to 64 have some form of coverage. With patchwork of different private sector and publicly funded programs in the United States leaves one in five uninsured. With the new health reform law includes several measures that will change the profile of women’s coverage between and 2014 when the new law implemented.

Uninsured women are approximately 19 million. Women uninsured have inadequate access to care, in the health system get a...
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