Poland Outbound Tourism

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1. Introduction
This report will discuss the essence of outbound tourism. Growing generating market will be identified and the key forces/ drivers that have contributed to the rise of this market. Will be considered using quantitative and qualitative data the case of how important this market will be in the medium- term future (up to five years). It will be presented the case for one new opportunity for tourism entrepreneurs targeting this generating market over the next five years.

2. Outbound tourism
Outbound tourism is the number of departures that people make from their country of usual residence to any other country for any purpose other than an activity remunerated in the country visited (World tourism organization, 2012).

3.1. Outbound tourism of Poland
The 21st century began in many regions with the rising spatial mobility of both individuals and goods, and with opening borders. The rising spatial mobility of individuals is connected to the diversity of motivations such as leisure, shopping, work and business, and social networks. This new societal mobility is empowered by rising cross-border information flows, ICT use and the expanding meaning of virtual and mental travel (Sheller and Urry, 2006).

Outbound tourism is a developing market that is yet to reach maturity in comparison to the outbound markets of other major EU economies. The opportunity to travel abroad has been seized upon by Polish citizens as its economy has become more advanced. Poland’s membership to the EU, which began in May 2004, provided a major lift to outbound travel, as foreign airlines and travel companies gained access to the Poland market. Meanwhile, the development of package holidays offering cheap deals to foreign countries encouraged more people to travel. Many things can be a reason for travelling abroad. Business relationships, a desire to visit new places, to explore another culture. (OECD Tourism Trends and Policies, 2010 ).

Until the early 1990s the tourism industry in Poland was primarily represented by internal tourism and, to a much lesser extent, by outbound and inbound tourism. Outbound and inbound tourism are poorly developed mostly for political reasons. The formation of a new system of market relationships in Poland had an undeniably positive impact on the tourism industry and market development. In 1990s, the number of Poles crossing the Polish border when travelling abroad was growing dynamically.

Participation of Polish citizens to travel abroad for period 1999- 2001 is higher than period 1996-1998. The largest number of Polish people travelling abroad is in 2000 which is related with numerous trips to Italy for celebration of the Millennium (Ministry of Tourism 2004)

A considerable drop was recorded in the following years – in 2004, the number of tourists travelling abroad represented 66% of outgoing tourism recorded in 2000.
The participation of Poles in foreign trips has been increasing dramatically during the last two decades, with Polish tourists increasingly present in all of the major world tourist destinations.

Like the residents of other European countries, Poles travel most frequently to neighbouring countries, while the domestic market dominates Poland’s tourist sector. Long-haul destinations account for 8% of Polish outgoing tourism according to information of Globaltrade.

Rasing the standard of living is also a leading factor for travelling abroad.
A large number of Polish travellers have yet to start travelling abroad and there are a wide number of destinations that remain unexplored. Typical tourist purposes usually account for half of Polish foreign departures. In 2010 it was 52% stays with families and friends kept the level at around 25%, while the share of business trips was 20%. In 2009 and 2010 slightly more than 20% of Poles travelling abroad have used travel agents to purchase package services. The gross departure rate for foreign holiday travel...
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