Uk as a Tourism Generating Region, Analyse on Uk Residents Behaviour Regarding What Influence Their Choice of Destination.

Topics: Tourism, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, World Tourism Organization Pages: 7 (2429 words) Published: April 14, 2013
UK as a tourism generating region, analyse on UK residents behaviour regarding what influence their choice of destination.

“Tourists are people who travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment” (UNWTO 1995) Indeed, tourists make a choice when decided to go on holiday, their motivations in leaving their traditional environment create demand in tourism and this phenomena has been going on for many years, changing a lot in the last decades, with tourism becoming a big part of our lives. The explanation behind motivation and behaviour which motivate tourists to travel are complex and influence by many factors. Tourism is one of the leading components of world trade, accounting for about 6 percent of world exports of goods and services. That is why it is important to understand and evaluate it. Where tourists go, why, what is the trend, can it changed? This paper will take a look at the performance of UK as a tourism generating region then will analyse the behaviour of UK residents towards tourism in concordance on demand and motivation factors and will draw suggestions on how this aspects are influencing the choice of destination.

In order to appreciate what enable UK residents to become tourist, it is important to understand what does UK as a generating tourism region means: a tourist-generating zone is a region where tourists live and work and also from and to they travel for different raisons. (Visit of friend and relative, leisure, business) Tourist-receiving zone is a region which people visit for business or leisure purposes or to visit friends and relatives. It is also possible for a zone to be both a generating and receiving area. A good example could be the capital, indeed Londoners take vacations within the UK and across the world, and at the same time, million people visit the town each year. According to visit Britain the first four month of 2012 saw more than 9 million visitors in the country. Within the country, British took more than 42 million domestics trips in 2009 (Mintel) Since the first tourist pioneers of the 18th century, the word tourism and the world shadowing it have changed a lot, at the time, tourism was a fairly new concept: people would leave home and/or work in order to look for new experiences. Nowadays, Tourism is integrated in our life; it is part of our life circle. Furthermore, modern society is one of the first motivations for vacation, indeed a need has been created for tourism. Two major phenomena have been the cause of the growing industry; firstly, pilgrimage to some places such Lourdes, triggering factor with the creation of basics facilities for travellers such as access (routes, transport link) and amenities. The second would be the growing interest for spa, seaside resort and beaches. (First reserved for the higher class)That movement prefigured the later really popular habit of holiday by the beach.

The modern movement of tourism has been largely facilitated by the development of the transportation. Undeniably traveling is now easier, faster, safer and cheaper and UK is home of some of the busiest airport in Europe, with more than forty in the country including five within the capital and direct flight to most of the World. According to the National office (2006) Audit report on Maintaining and improving Britain’s railway stations, 2,507 were operating in Britain with the busiest station able to carry more than 90.000 people a day. The country have been linked to major European Capitals by railway, and it is also now possible to across the whole of Europe, from UK using different train line such as Eurostar or Euro link at minimal cost and relatively fast. Another improvement in Accessibility has been the Completion of the high speed rail linking to France and Belgium on the Eurostar as well as the US/EU “Open Skies Agreement” which removed restrictions on trans-Atlantic flights”

“What tourist do...
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