Topics: Tourism, Marketing, UCI race classifications Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Week 28 Student fieldtrip guide (Fieidtrip on e"' February) Introductory 'formative' assignment: Tourism markets in a destination What to do: Use relevant references, such as Tourism management textbooks, journal articles and industry reports to examine the following areas:

1. Destination characteristics: 1.1 Type of tourist attractions: identify types of tourist attractions in Chester and types of authenticity these attractions aim at providing, (in week 28) 1.2 Existing tourism markets: research definitions and concepts of 2 niche markets and what approach is applied to attract tourists. (Week 28) 1.3 Tourism resources available for niche markets: explain the following: products, services, activities, infrastructures and/or amenities. Identify and explain whether attractions as supply have been changed to be deepened or widened. (Week 28) 2. Destination supply attributes and factors: 2.1 Destination resources: use your chosen niche markets to discuss tourism resources using 3 elements introduced in Cooper et al., 2008) and analyse the following (week 28): What are these 3 elements and how are they relevant to tourism system? How does Chester use 3 elements to provide services and products? How can Leiper's (1979) tourism system model apply to Chester as a tourist destination region? 2.2 Components of destination supply: use your chosen niche markets to discuss main reasons of providing tourism resources in Chester. It can be discussed by any of the following approaches (week 30): Perspective of further tourism development and creation Perspective of further economic development Perspective of marketing and branding 2.3 Marketing research and competitiveness: Use SWOT, Marketing mix and PEST factors to explain Chester as a tourist destination. You will need to undertake research focusing on the following elements (week 31): Changes in the business environment- P S factors ET Measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities - which activities and how can...
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