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Topics: Hong Kong, Travel, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 17, 2013
b. Current Trends of Outbound Tourism

Hong Kong is one of the largest outbound tourism markets in Asia and was ranked just after China (4th in Asia) and 15th in the World in 2010. The trends of departure population and international spending are both rising through years. According to UNWTO, Hong Kong generated US$17.5 billion on international tourism expenditure in 2010, up 12% over 2009. Compared to China at US $54.9 billion, Japan at US$27.9 billion and South Korea at US$17.7 billion in the same year with its much smaller population, Hong Kong is thus having a higher per capita expenditure on international tourism than the above top three Asian countries. The results reflect that Hong Kong people are frequent travelers and regard overseas holiday as part of their lifestyle. Apart from the international tourism spending from the Government statistics, there was also an increase in the number of departures by 3% more with 84.44 million in 2010, showing that more and more citizens departed to overseas from Hong Kong. The huge expenditure and departure figures show that Hong Kong has a huge market in its outbound tourism business. Due to the growing market, the number of Licensed Travel Agents in the last 9 years has been increasing.


Although Hong Kong has a high per capita spending on international tourism, most of its outbound travelers are concentrated in a small number of destinations in Asia like China, the most popular country for Hong Kong travelers. Excluding China, 6 of the other top 10 destinations include Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and the Taiwan. This result shows that Hong Kong people tend to take short distance journey.

c. Target Customers of Outbound Tourism

As Hong Kong people love travelling and consider overseas holiday as part of lifestyle, there are wide range of customers for outbound tourism in the market. For long-distance travel (trips outside Asia), the customers are mostly professionally...
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