Travel & Tourism Unit 1 Q1

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Domestic Tourism Is when you usually take a short holiday/short break in your own country. So for someone living in the UK, it means they will travel anywhere in the UK. So for example a tourist living in the UK might visit go to Madame Tussauds, BlackPool Tower, North Pier, Blackpool Zoo and more. Outbound tourism is when a tourist living in the UK visits another country. So like if a tourist was living in the UK, they might travel to France, and visit The Eiffel Tower, Disney Land, Futuroscope, Mont Saint Michel and more. Inbound Tourism is when tourists from other countries some into the UK, then returns back to their own countries. So for example a tourist from America might come over to London, and might go to see The London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Dungeons and more.

There are many reasons why tourists travel, but the main ones are Leisure, Business, VFR, Health related, educational and sport. People travel for leisure, this is when people travel to relax and enjoy being in another country or part of their country. For example they might travel to get away from the stress or maybe it’s a family and they are treating their kids to a holiday. They might travel from the UK to Disney Land Paris so they can relax and their kids can have fun. Secondly people travel for Business, this includes business opportunities, training, rewards, work, studying other markets, conferences or workshops, networking and more. So for example a person might start up a business and they have arranged a meeting with business partners in another country e.g. India. They will need to fly over there to attend this meeting on how to move forward with their business. Thirdly people travel for VFR (visiting friends/relatives), this way can be good too because it means you can stay with them so you don’t need to pay out money for accommodation. And also because the relatives live there they will know all the best places to go so you have your own mini tour guide...
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