Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Meter Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: December 29, 2012
The poem "Cross" by P.K.Page describes the sorrow of witnessing a stony couple who can barely remember why they are angry with each other after a week-long battle. They won't discuss it or resolve it because "neither/can come to that undemanded act of love-/kiss the sleeping princess or sleep with the frog--/and break the spell which holds them each from the other." So the couple ends up like "two on a desert island, back to back," an emotional chasm dividing them which neither is willing to bridge. The whole poem has a sorrowful, regretful and meaningful tone to it. The poet finds both of them silly because they both do not know why they are mad at each other. She also feels sad for them because their ego is getting between their relationships. This poem has rhyme in each stanza and each stanza has 4 sentences; this made the poem more interesting to read. The title “cross” is also repeated twice in the second stanza to explain that the characters barely talk to each other. The poet uses dash in third stanza to create emphasis. This poem tells the reader that if you want someone in your life you have to make the effort, not just sit there and regret that they are gone. In this poem neither of them are making the effort, they are waiting for the other person to make the effort. They don’t even have a reason for their fight, but they will regret this later.
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