Topics: Amino acid, Nutrition, Nitrogen Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Project Background
dsgfferil brand contains Keto-analogue of essential amino acids, that is EAA in which the amino group is substituted by a keto group. Ketosteril is used for diatery supplementation in patients of CRF. Ketosteril also used for delaying ESRD. Ketosteril suppliy adequate EAA foe nutritional purposes without increasing nitrogen load.

Ketosteril is an excellent tool to treat CKD in predialysis period.  
Ketosteril is being targeted for:
1. Reducing CKD progression
2. Improving Metabolic Acidosis
3. Reducing Proteinuria
4. Improves insulin sensitivity
5. Improves nutrion
6. Corrects Dyslipidemia
7. Corrects Ca/phosphate disorders
8. Delays onset of dialysis
9. Superior than Essential amino acids in CKD
10. Diabetic Nephropathy
conceptualize and develop an Audio Visual film with objective to educate doctors and patients on
- Basic Kidney functions
- Problems associated with kidney
- Signs & Symptoms
- CKD progression and role of Protein urea
- Importance of Ketosteril
- Mechanism of action of Ketosteril
- Dietary modification for better kidney health in Diabetic Nephropathy - Types of nutrients and food intakes to focus on better kidney health  
The film will be a well knitted creatively oriented scientific dissemination film:  
- Cartoonized & animated character conceptualization.
- Scientific story board development with creative weaving of the same.  
- The entire film will be in a simple language targeting patients and Tier III & IV cities Doctors.  
- The film will be humorous and imparting knowledge in the simplest understandable form.  
Since, it’s an out clinic film with the objective of information dissemination; it has a very tight scientific Storyboard along with an creative angle to it and is of 4-5minutes duration only. In most cases it begins With a hard hitting fact meant to attract immediate attention.  

The film would contain the following options with cost...
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