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|SECTION B | | | |Spend about 1 hour on this section. Think carefully about the poems before you write your answer. | |In the first of the following poems, ‘The Railway Modeller’, the narrator (Pugh) describes a man (her husband) and his hobby. In the second, ‘The Railway | |Clerk’, a man expresses his feelings about his life and work. | |Write about both poems and their effect on you. Show how they are similar and how they are different. | |You may write about each poem separately and then compare them, or make comparisons where appropriate in your answer as a whole. | |You may wish to include some or all of these points: | |• the content of the poems – what they are about; | |• the ideas the poets may have wanted us to think about; | |• the mood or atmosphere of the poems; | |• how they are written – words and phrases you find interesting, the way they are organised, and so on; | |• your responses to the poems. [20] | | | | |The railway modeller |The Railway Clerk | | | | |He’s spent all week creating the best part |It isn’t my fault. | |of a village; sculpting the paper strata |I do what I’m told | |of its hills, painting them green, growing |But still I am blamed. | |small metal trees with a teased-out fluff |This year, my leave application | |of foliage. Then he built half-timbered |Was twice refused. | |card houses, secured them where they belonged |Every day there is so much work | |and stood back to be sure it was right. |And I don’t get overtime. | | |My wife is always asking for more money. | |Now he must add the people: so minute, |Money, money,...
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