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Song of the Whale
About whaling in Japan
1st- metaphor describing the whale as a heaving mountain /the lines describing the whale getting killed/ describe the whale crying out/heard whale singing, describes it as grieving 2nd – singing to all the other whales and describes it as crying for its life/ the whale body would used for- lipstick for ‘painted’ faces, meaning makeup, and for shoe polish. 3rd- ‘tumbling - mountain’- vivid imagery of a massive, moving mound in the sea. 4th- ultrasonic-high pitched, comparing it to the sound of birds chirping. Birds soar in sky, they soar in water 5th -Just use them- think they are big dumb creatures- highly intelligent 6th – in the forest- sea –comparison / heard the whale cry and singing 7th – we will always kill you and not realise that you are important/ not protect you/not chose to let you live/ instead use for your body Poetic devices

Sound Devices
Song of the whale is composed by Kit Wright and offers insight on the issue of whaling. The poem depicts the emotions of the whale as it is being slaughtered. The poem also depicts what the body of the whale is used for. This poem informs the readers that humans do not realise the importance of whales to the food chain and that whales should not be executed. The message the author is portraying is that whaling is inhumane. Various sound and poetic devices are used to enhance the meaning of the poem. Poetic techniques used include metaphors. A metaphor can be seen in stanza 1, line 1 which states “Heaving the mountain in the sea.” By comparing the mountain to the whale, the author provides the readers with a vivid image of the whale as a big creature. Different sound devices are used, these are repetition and assonance. Repetition is used in the 1st, 4th and 6th stanza, which states “Whale I heard you.”Repetition is used to convey sympathy for the whale. Assonance is used in the poem to enhance the structure. Through the use of visual devices the poems meanings is...
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