Planning of Functional Management, Legal Issues, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility of the Halliburton Company

Topics: Management, World Wide Web, Planning Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: March 17, 2008
Google provides a search engine without borders. Although this fast rising company was founded and based in California you don't have to reside there to get information. Information seekers around the world have found themselves using this powerful search engine to locate information in their country. Google is the #1 search engine in 17 out of 20 countries measured (, 2008), and is vastly changing the way the international community gets information or carries out its research. Going global takes a great deal of planning, when Google decided to take their operation to Europe, they used the planning function to decide where to open, what customers they would serve and what incentives they would get in return. Google had the plan in works for about a year before finally opening its largest office outside the United States in Dublin Ireland. The executives of Google chose Dublin to provide an ever growing search engine to people in Europe, Middle East and Africa. One of the financial planning factors was the tax incentives Ireland offered. (, ¶5, 2005). After the planning was well under way, Google used the organizing function to set up its office to serve those countries. The Dublin office is comprised of 175 employees from 35 different nations speaking over 17 various languages (USAToday, ¶2, 2005) thus providing the best service for its customers. Google provides a great opportunity for its managers to lead. Google chose various product managers to travel to Asia in an effort to gain knowledge on the international environment, this trip armed the leaders with knowledge of f what diverse cultures were looking for when it came to their search needs. These managers were looking at the quantities and accessibility of internet cafes, and how these different cultures accessed technology (, ¶6, 2008). Google also uses the controlling management function to monitor and make any necessary changes to its global...
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