Case Memo(Google)

Topics: World Wide Web, Web search engine, Advertising Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Case memo (Google)
Google is a leader in web searching and advertising. It controls about 84 percent of the Global Search Engine Market Share at 2012[1]. In addition, it not only offers information search service for worldwide users, but also provides many different innovative products and related services. Potential problems

Though Google is a dominating player in internet searching market, it still has many potential problems. 1) How to improve accuracy rate of search result to meet diversified requirements of users and to reduce the user search times; 2) How to transfer to mobile Internet age, and achieve a perfect transition; 3) How to assure user privacy and security issues; 4) How to deal with competition from firms like Yahoo, MS; 5) How to handle Economic downturn issue as there might be a cut in advertising budget. Recommendation

Google might be adopting the following suggestions to resolve the above-mentioned problems. Google can enhance personalized and localized searching, and can also add/improve localized paid listing of advertisers. It can provide more services to the mobile devices to capture more market that goes past the conventional internet. When Google face to its rivals, it should be focused on differentiation of products. Google can also merge with an established mass-market portal to lock in large number of users and advertisers. Furthermore, Google should let users to choose whether they want to share their search habit and private information to reduce potential illegal issues.

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