Bus 421 Final

Topics: China, Google, Han Chinese Pages: 4 (1235 words) Published: March 20, 2013

BUS 421 Final: Case Scenario #1

Thomas Edison State College

October 2012

Emily Schemelia

Executive Summary
Case Scenario # 1
Given the increasing regulations of the Internet and email by the Government of China, recommend to the CEO of Google whether the company should continue to operate in China, the world’s fastest and among the largest growth markets. Google should definitely continue operations in China, even if it means limiting the amount of information that is disseminated to Google China. While filtering information is the opposite of everything Google stands for, Google can still disseminate information to the Chinese public while abiding by the information laws set up by the Chinese Government. The fact is that if Google doesn’t provide its information services to China, not only will a competitor step in and abode by the Chinese Government limitations on information, but the information that it would disseminate may be far less superior. Therefore, in the hope that the Chinese Government decrease its information limitations, Google should provide its service to China as China comprises over 1.3 billion people and has the power of not only furthering Google, but the world as well. In my research, the point of discussion is whether Google should move out or not, and why or why not. In this paper I will be presenting issues in regards to the markets in China and the advantages that these markets have for Google in order to continue its operations. I will also discuss in the various challenges and problems that Google faces in China.

Marketing in Chain: China is a very large country and the population of the country is also very large. China provides various business opportunities around the world and that Google is one of them. Many companies had taken the chance of venturing into the Chinese...
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