Planning Charity Soccer Event

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So All Kids Can Play!
The goal of our project is to host a charity football match in Toronto for the summer of 2012. Two international world class teams will partake in a friendly game to raise money and awareness for KidSport Canada, a national non-for-profit organization. Funds raised through the charity event will be used to give kids the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports and remove financial barriers that prevent them from doing so. Our main goals are to promote and raise a minimum of 100,000 dollars towards the charity and having the exclusivity of bringing more teams on a perpetual basis. While the event itself will only last one day, there is a great deal of preparation to take place. Assuming the teams have agreed to participate in the match, the majority of our time will be spent on; finding a venue, planning the event, obtaining sponsorships from different industries and gaining exposure through broadcasting, telecommunications and mass media. We will also be working on identifying our stakeholders and managing all aspects of communication between them and guaranteeing that the proper permits are met to uphold the law. The event is expected to take-off in August of 2012, leaving us with roughly six months of major planning.

While this event is expected to be an expensive project to complete, we are relying on the sponsorship and support from large athletic companies that have been involved for numerous years with the teams that are participating i.e. Nike, Adidas. We are also hoping for support from the local Toronto communities to raise awareness, help donate, and advertise the event through word of mouth, radio, television and newspaper. Seeing as sponsorship will pay for the accommodations and services of the football teams, an estimated 400,000 to 600,000 dollars will be required in our budget. This sum of money will help pay for the venue, posters, prizes ,trophies, advertising, staff costs, hire of facilities, and public liability insurance. If all goes to plan, a full stadium of 20,000 +/- people with a ticket price between 65-150 dollars and sleek, fresh and ultra-modern luxury suites will easily cover our costs, and reach our goal of raising a minimum of 100,000 dollars for the charity.

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• Devitt, Terry. "Lightning injures four at music festival." The Why? Files. 2 Aug. 2001. 23 Jan. 2002 . •

|Uniqueness |

We here in the MAKAO marketing team are dedicated, motivated individuals who want nothing but the success in the project. We are a non-profit organization and want nothing in return except the goal of $250,000 donations towards the KidSport™ Canada organization. The team is putting in an extreme amount of effort in preparation for the charity game. No other organization would show that much dedication for one day and one goal. We here in the MAKAO marketing team put the goal first before anything else. With the preparation and dedication shown, it was an excellent choice to put us in charge of the project.

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Project #1- Charity Football Game
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