Five sustainability aspects of London 2012

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Executive Summary Page 2 Introduction Page 3 Overview of the five sustainability aspects of London 2012 Page 3.1 Climate Change Page 3.2 Waste Page 3.3-4 Biodiversity Page 4 Inclusion Page 4.1 Healthy Living Page 4.2-5 Healthy Living: Detailed Review Page 5 What is Healthy Living? Page 5.1 How can the Olympic Games make people health conscious? Page 5.2-6 One year Later: Did the public absorb the healthy living concept? Page 6-7 Evidence from GSM Survey Page 8 Survey Demographics Page 8.1 Survey Data Page 8.2-9 Conclusion Page 9-10 List of References Page 11-13 Appendix Page 14 GSM opinion survey Page 14.1-15 2. Executive Summary

In the report, the aim was to discover what type of legacy of the London 2012 Games would leave behind after it had finished. The organisers of the games developed the motto “Inspire a Generation” which entails five aspects of sustainability which were designed to create a positive legacy after the games. An overview of the five aspects was discussed and then the healthy living aspect was selected for a detailed review. In the detailed review it was discovered that physical exercise has various health benefits to the human body. Later in the detailed review it was found that there were various positive aspects to the Olympic legacy but it was learnt that LOCOG failed to make the healthy living theme visible and attractive enough for people to believe in it. Various sources seemed to support this claim by sourcing a poll from the BBC and an opinion survey from GSM London. It was then concluded that although there were positive aspects to London 2012, to see immediate effects one year after the game would be difficult to see and would take a number of years to see a real difference.

3. Introduction
In Singapore, 2005, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the hosting rights of the Olympic Games to London ahead of the French capital city of Paris (BBC Sport, 2005). The committee that was chosen to organize the Olympics was the “London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games” (“LOCOG”) (Balding, C., 2005). The Olympic Games of 2012 in London was seen as the first Olympic Games delivering sustainability (Ryan, E., 2011)....
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