Physical Education Lesson Plan

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Dribbling with your Feet
Stacie Shirk
PED 212
Instructor French
January 11, 2013

Dribbling with your Feet
Section 1:
1. Grade level: Second Grade
2. Estimated level of developmental stage: predictable, self-paced (Hastie, 2012). 3. Number of students: Twenty
4. Fundamental skill (to be taught): Dribbling a soccer ball with their feet 5. State standard for Washington State (NASPE, 2008)
a. Demonstrates locomoter skills in a variety of activities and lead-up games i. Example: Uses walking/jogging/running skills in soccer ii. Demonstrates manipulative skills with stationary targets 1. Example: Kicks a ball toward a goal

iii. Demonstrates mature form in manipulative skills in a variety of activities 2. Example: Traps a ball in soccer
Section 2:
1. Student objective: 
a. As a result of this lesson students will be able to demonstrate dribbling skills while both walking and then jogging. Students will also be able to demonstrate trapping a ball and kicking a ball towards a stationary object. 2. Lesson description

b. During this activity students will practice dribbling a ball with their feet; first walking and then jogging. Students will maintain control of the ball using the inside of their foot while dribbling the ball between cones towards the pop-up goal at the end of the field. Once the student reaches the last cone they will then trap the ball with their foot and take aim at the goal. 3. Classroom management system and student grouping

c. Students will be divided into five groups with four students in each group; each student will receive a shape card and will then be grouped according to the shape displayed on the card. Students will be reminded at the start of class regarding the class rules and consequences. Students will be reminded to use kind words, respect others around you, listen carefully, use equipment properly, and if in doubt ask. Consequences and rewards will be handled on a case by case basis meaning praise will be given to individual students and actions will be corrected as necessary. Ultimately the goal is to keep all students involved and engaged while ensuring the safety of everyone. As an educator it is important to be consistent and fair to all students using positive reinforcement and encouraging students to stay on task. 4. Equipment needed

d. Twenty soccer balls, twenty-five orange cones for setting up the obstacle course, five pop-up goals at the end of the course, and a large outside grassy field. Section 3:
1. Content: Write a script of what the teacher would say and include the following for each task/skill. a. Task #1: Dribbling while walking first in a straight line, then through the cones i. Introducing the task/skill

1. Our first objective is to practice dribbling our soccer ball while walking. Remember to use the inside and outside of your foot when moving the ball down the field. I want you to first walk down the field dribbling your ball next to the row of cones and then return dribbling the ball while walking through the cones. When the first student begins the return trip through the cones the second student in the group may begin dribbling their ball next to the cones. ii. Safety concerns, rules and protocols to follow during the task 2. Watch out for other students

3. Be careful not to overtake the student in front of you 4. If the ball gets away from you quickly retrieve it iii. Teaching the task/skill
5. Educator will demonstrate the task once at the beginning and then again if students have questions or need extra clarification. iv. Questions to ask during the task as a form of assessment 6. What part of our foot do we use to dribble a ball? 7. Do we want to keep the ball close or far away? b. Task #2:...
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