European Handball

Topics: Stretching, Goalkeeper, Team handball Pages: 4 (1449 words) Published: March 24, 2013
European Handball – goal shooting
European handball is a unique, high intensity sport which is best described as a combination of netball, soccer and basketball. Two teams with seven players per side verse each other. In order to earn points, the handball must be thrown into the goals; this demonstrates the skill of goal shooting which will be the main focus of this report. Characteristics of basketball are seen in the rule that the player must bounce the ball while running. Defending is a common action in any sport and is seen in European Handball; the team without possession of the ball may attempt to stop the other team from scoring by blocking the path of the player with possession. During the game, the ball is passed around in the style of netball. The sport involves a combination of multiple sports such as soccer (goals), netball (passing) and basketball (court size, bouncing, dribbling) which makes it different to any other sport thus people are intrigued to play and thoroughly enjoy it. Explanation of the skill

Goal shooting is just like a pass but with more power. The ball must be thrown into the goals. A common technique performed when shooting a goal is the jump shot. The jump shot is where the player is in the air when the shot is made; by doing this the shot is more powerful and more effective. Explanation of the drills

1) The first drill that we will be teaching students in our training session aims to practice the jump shot as it is the most effective way of shooting a goal. For the most effective goal shot, right handed players should push off from and land on their left foot and vice versa. When they are suspended in the air, their body should be stretched with their throwing shoulder back and then the ball should be thrown from the highest point of the jump for maximum effectiveness of the shot at goals.

2) The second drill we will be teaching in our training session aims to practice passing and shooting under pressure through the...
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