Literature Review on Online Voting System

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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DCOMP220 ● Report Writing Skills For IT

Department:Faculty of Information & Communication Technology Course Name:B Sc (Hons) in Information Technology
B Sc (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia
B Sc (Hons) in Software Engineering
B Sc (Hons) in E-Commerce
B Sc (Hons) in Mobile Computing

Semester: 4
Commence Date: Week 6
Deadline Date:Week 8 ()
Principal Lecturer:Mr. G. Mlambo
Contact Number:

In order to answer this assignment you need to research and select a research topic preferably one based on Information Communication Technology. Make sure you do understand this topic before you register the topic with your lecturer. Your assignment should be computer typed. The referencing style to be used in this research is the HARVARD style. The font type to be used should be Arial, its size should be 10 and line spacing should be 1.5.

Provide a list of your bibliography, attached as an appendix. [10 marks]
The assignment requires you to write
a)Background on the area of research, a maximum of one page . b)Literature review own your selected topic, a maximum of five pages. Your literature review should be sectionalized i.e. divided into heading and sub-heading which are logical connected. [30 marks]

The report should be well structured, having a cover page, topic numbered, page numbered, table of contents and well referenced[10 marks]


The objective of this Individual Assignment is for students to showcase their skill in ability to a)Gathering relevant information for conducting a literature review b)Critically analyze and evaluate gathered information to construct literature review c)Conclude and recommend


Students are expected to write a document on literature review for a topic of their choice SUBMISSION INFORMATION

Student who submits this...
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