Winesburg Ohio

Topics: Character, Fiction, Literature Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: November 3, 2012
The Strange and Wonderful
This unit project focuses on the use of 21st century skills and effective reading strategies as they relate to Realism and the novel Winesburg, Ohio, by Sherwood Anderson. Objectives
Through completion of this project, students will demonstrate their level of proficiency with the following skills: *
* Understanding of Literary Elements
* Literary Analysis of Symbolism and Theme
* Developing creative representations
* Drawing connections between literature and experience

In preparation for this unit, students should have engaged in a close reading of the novel with particular attention to the episodic nature of the chapters and the role of the “grotesque” archetype in character development. To that end, it is beneficial for students to have completed a graphic organizer that focuses on the elements of character, setting, plot, symbolism, and theme while reading the novel. Final Assessment

In an effort to provide students with the most relevant assessment while maintaining the rigor of the course, the final project consists of an overarching assignment comprised of three components. Each component of the assignment is differentiated to allow students to draw on their strengths and select the means of assessment that best aligns with their experience with the novel. Assessment Prompt:

After reading the novel Winesburg, Ohio, create a representation of the archetype of the grotesque. Use at least four examples from the novel, and include specific details from the novel, an explanation of each example, and a connection to your own life. Choose one characteristic from each of the following lists to decide how you will create your project. Your project must be accompanied by a one-page explanation of the context and connections you selected. CONTENT (choose one)| CONTEXT (choose one)| CONNECTION (choose one)| A powerpoint presentation| that discusses one main character and | connects the...
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