Ped 212

Topics: Baseball, Baseball positions, First baseman Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: January 23, 2013
PED 212

Section 1
5.Personal Health and fitness, A safe and healthy environment, and resource management. Section 2
1.As result of this lesson, students will be able to demonstrate the following concept understand what kickball is. They will also be able to learn to take turns. The last thing that they will be able to understand about listening. 2.I will chose two teams and split them evenly. The rules for kickball are closely related to those of baseball. The main difference is that kickball involves a big rubber ball. The ball is about the size of a basketball. Kickball is played on a field with 4 bases arranged on the corners of a diamond-shaped "infield". Player positions are also similar to those of baseball. There is an "infield" and an "outfield." The infield contains the positions that involve the bases, while the outfield is mainly designated to catching or retrieving the ball when it is kicked out of the infield. Actual playing positions vary depending on the number of kids that are actually playing. If there are only a few children playing, the positions are usually spread out, but if there are a good number of players, kids will position themselves wherever there is space. Game play goes as follows: the ball is rolled towards home plate, and the player which is up (kicking), tries to kick the ball. If the ball is caught in the air, the kicker is out. A player is also out if the ball is thrown at them, and hits them while they are not touching a base. If a thrown ball misses them, they may only run to the next base, which is known on the kickball field as the "one base on an overthrow" rule. Also similar to baseball, if the ball is thrown to the first base man, and it is caught by the first base man while he/she/it is touching first base, the player running to first base is out. This is known as a "forced out" in that the runner was forced to run to that...
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