Health Law and Regulations Paper

Topics: Poison, Health care, Poison control center Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: October 8, 2011
Health Law and Regulations Paper

Diane Wilson
University of Phoenix

Rhonda Dempsey

Health Law and Regulations Paper

"Federal regulatory agencies have been created over the life of the United States to deal with specific issues that affect citizens of all states or industries that engage in business across state boundaries. Federal regulatory agencies generate and enforce rules" (eHow Money). The law dictates their work. Regulatory agencies enforce federal laws and generate rules. These rules are necessary for effective enforcement. There has been a challenge of rapidly rising costs in relation to qualify of outcomes. We have an insurance system that is costly and inadequate for those who really need it. We are faced with the high cost of new technology along with artificial restrictions on the supply of drugs. We also have uninformed or unnecessary needy consumers. These are some of the issues faced. The government is involved but there involvement is with controlling the drugs, and insurance and medical industry advertising. This form of spending would bring costs down. The purpose of this paper is to take a closer look at the health care regulatory agency, The Center for Disease Control. The Center for Disease Control creates tools to protect the health of people. They educate on prevention of disease, injury and disability. They work on preparing the public for new health threats. They detect and investigate health problems; conduct research to enhance prevention; foster safe and healthful environment and provide leadership and training. Some of the top requested diseases and conditions that the Center for Disease Control educate on are ADHD, heart disease, obesity, sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, strokes and many others. Disease trends affect the delivery of health care services. There have been recent health challenges. "Many Americans are unsatisfied with their health and face rising out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare. Obesity is...
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