The New Healthcare Facility: Poinciana Regional Hospital

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Managed care Pages: 7 (2328 words) Published: February 21, 2013
The New Health Care Facility
Luz A Comas
Strayer University
Dr. Narrad Beharry
Health care policy, law, and ethics Organization-HSA-515
January 28, 2013


Poinciana Regional Hospital (PRH) is the new health care facility with a full service 200 bed for- profit health care organization. Twenty-four hours emergency room services will be provided. The services offered will focus on adult care. This facility will be employee the best physicians for the most difficult Cancer. Throughout this paper, a detailed organizational chart for PRH will be provided, as well as the mission, vision, and values statement. The procedures that govern the hospital- physician and physician- patient relationship and the referral services that will be offered will be described. In addition, a peer review system will be created. Finally, a synopsis of how HMO insurance will be handled will be provided.

Poinciana Regional Hospital (PRH) Organizational Chart

Mission, vision, and values statement for Poinciana Regional Hospital

Mission Statement
"The mission of Poinciana Regional Hospital (PRH) is to provide the highest quality health-care services to the communities; we serve in a compassionate and caring environment. PRH is the home of integrative and compassionate cancer care. We never stop searching for and providing powerful and innovative therapies to heal the whole person, improve quality of life and restore hope ".

Vision Statement
PRH will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining health-care delivery and will be recognized for the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, innovative care to the patients.

* We strive to anticipate and meet the needs of our patients, physicians and co-workers. Patient First
* We strive to deliver the best to every patient every day. The patient is our first priority in everything we do. Integrity
* We communicate openly and honestly, build trust and conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards, and morals. Respect
* We treat each individual, those we serve and those with whom we work, with the highest professionalism and dignity. Hospital-physician and Physician-patient relationship
According to Showalter (2012), " The duty of a hospital is to have its employees use the same reasonable level of care as that practiced in similar hospitals. Patients in PRH are entitled to the care that their conditions require. To prove a breach of this duty the plaintiff must usually produce expert testimony about how similar clinicians and hospital treat this kind of case" (p.126). "Under the theory of respondeat superior, the employer is liable for the acts of its employees because the employer controlled the means and methods of the employee's work. So, a physician can be held liable for negligence of he or she is an employee of the hospital or is represented as an agent of the hospital" (Showalter, 2012) "Under the doctrine of corporate liability , PRH owes a legal duty to the patient and the duty is not transferred to the medical staff or other personnel. Physicians and institutions have a duty to warn patients of known risks when giving a medical device. This includes informing patients of risks that became known after the device was given. " ( Showalter, 2012). PRH have a corporate duty to have a follow proper rules, regulations, or systems in place when indicated by recognized professional standards. PRH can be held liable for breach of an existing rule by law, regulation, or accreditation standard. In addition, the failure to have appropriate rules necessary for patient safety may be corporate negligence. A physician with staff privileges at a hospital agrees to a doctor/patient relationship with whom ever comes into the hospital. Physician’s on-call to treat emergency patients are under a duty to treat patients (Miller, 2010). "A defendant physician...
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