Philippine Government Principles

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Purpose and Necessity of Government
We are members of a bigger family – the society. It will be impossible to enjoy life in peace and safety without a government to keep order. Government protects lives and property, sets up and enforces rules, settles disputes, & advances the physical, economic, social, & cultural well-being of the people. Without government no one to administer the affairs of society for common good. Disorder, violence, & insecurity will prevail & values (truth, freedom, justice, equality, human dignity) taken for granted cannot be enjoyed.

Concepts of State, Government, Nation
State – a community of persons permanently occupying a definite portion of territory, having a government of their own to which they render obedience, and enjoying freedom from external or outside control 4 Essential Elements

People - inhabitants living within the state
Territory - includes not only the land, but also the rivers, lakes, sea, air space Government - Agency, through which the will of state is formulated, expressed & carried out. Sovereignty - supreme power of the state to command & enforce obedience from its people as well as to have freedom from external control Manifestations of Sovereignty

Internal - freedom to rule within its territory
External - freedom to carry out its activities without control by other states - Sometimes referred to as independence

Differences between State and Government
State - permanent
Government - temporary
State - cannot exist without a government
State - an ideal person (legal / judicial)
Government - an instrumentality of sovereign political unity Nation - a community of persons bound together by common characteristics: race / origin, language, religion, customs & traditions, & believe they are one & distinct from others.

Differences between State and Nation
State - a political concept
Nation - an...
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