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Veronica Laverdure
Global Issues

Responsibilities of Our Federal Government

Without the Federal Government, where would the people of the United States of America stand today? The Government keeps everything in order and protects the citizens of our country. Governments exist in a variety of forms but most perform every essential function to hold a nation together. The United States government is a federal system, where the federal and state governments share power. There are many responsibilities that the Federal Government has to maintain.

The Federal government has many responsibilities to keep up with in order to keep our country in order. The main function of the U.S. federal government is creating and enforcing laws to ensure order and stability within society. The U.S. Constitution outlines the nation's law-making process and establishes institutions to carry out this function. The law making powers are separated into three branches, which are legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislature, composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate, create laws. The executive branch enforces laws under the leadership of the president. The judiciary, which includes a federal court system headed by the Supreme Court, decides the constitutionality of these laws. This separation of powers prevents one branch from gaining influence over the others. The Federal Government also has the big responsibility of foreign policy. This duty is increasingly important as countries become more interconnected in the modern international system. The Constitution divides the authority for making foreign policy between the legislative and executive branches. The State Department maintains a network of embassies in countries around the world under the direction of the president. Diplomats send and receive messages to foreign heads of state on behalf of the president and negotiate treaties and trade agreements. These are some of the more...
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