Phase 1 Ip

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Asia Nichols
Phase 1 IP
August 29, 2012

The three important properties of every material are the type of atoms that created it, the method those atoms are organized, and the manner the atoms are attached together. Atoms are all substance that is made up of atoms. They are the smallest unit of an element which holds its uniqueness in an organic reaction. Atoms can refer to the term intimate or attached. (Ramsook, 2011) After I research silicon, I began to realize how semiconductors revolutionized a computer that is because silicone semi-conductors have the capability to transfer so easy into the firm component it is highly effective compared to the copper made conductors. Silicones made conductors develop holes that make and block a space constantly, so electrons hop from one atom to another. Silicon is transformed in a procedure called doping which simply cleanses the impurity and it contains phosphorus or aluminum then the process is successful. Once phosphorus is included into silicon, it converts into an (n) type known as a negative semiconductor. After aluminum is mixed into silicon, it develops into a (p) type referred to as semiconductors. Aluminum and phosphorus are both important for certain parts to operate successfully in electrical devices such as microchips which are useful inside of computers. (Ramsook, 2011) Microchips are both positive and negative sort of semiconductors. Microchips implement a certain type of purpose. A microchip can consistently perform the important function in modern electronics; nevertheless the devices were substituted by an abundant amount of compound arrays of P- and N- type semi-conductors. Microchips might include a range of 100-1,000 in number of transistors in a single joined circuit, especially proposed to perform a certain part. They are connected to integrated circuits here because microchips are the key factor in devices like radios, amplifiers, logic gates, memory storage and many other devices. (Ramsook,...
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