Phase 4 Ip

Topics: Frank Lloyd Wright, Performance, Theatre Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Phase 4 Individual Project

The play “Trifles” is a murder mystery about from 1916. The husband was found strangled by a rope in his bed and his wife was found rocking in a chair. When the authorities came to inspect the property they brought some neighbors of the wife to bring her something from the house. The most compelling part was when they found the bird also strangled and hid this information from the authorities almost to protect her.

The setting of the play is on a very cold day. You can tell it was a cold day because before they all arrived to the home to inspect they sent Frank over to start a fire which the randomly warmed up to during the inspection. The time period was very well known not only from the language spoken but, also the way the women were very domestic and the men were more dominant in their positions not only as authorities but, men. They made fun of the women because they were concerned about her fruit when she was on in jail being accused of murder. There were also comments made about the way Mrs. Wright kept house. I can picture the home not only being very kept but, very cold. The way the life of the Wrights is depicted in the play I also get a feeling it was emotionally cold in the home as well. Almost like a deserted feeling.

County attorney George Henderson and Henry Peters played the authority figures in the play. They were demeaning to the women in a very showvanistic manner, the situation seemed to be nothing but, a joke to them as this is routine and not as big of a deal as it was to the woman that were there. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters were neighbors of the Wrights and seemed to be very quiet around male figures. They stopped conversation when the men walked into the room. They wanted to protect Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Hale even was upset with herself for not coming over and visiting more often thinking this might have changed the outcome. The protagonist of the story would be the...
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