CSI: Intelligent Systems Fusion, Tracking, and Control

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Intelligent Systems Fusion, Tracking and Control


Series Editor:

Dr Peter A. Cook
Control Systems Centre, UMIST, UK


Stabilisation of Nonlinear Systems: the piecewise linear approach Christos A. Yfoulis


Intelligent Systems - Fusion, Tracking and Control
GeeWah Ng


Neural Network Control: Theory and Applications
Sunan Huang, Kok Kiong Tan, Kok Zuea Tang


Decision Support Systems for Tele-medicine Applications
George-Peter K. Economou

* Forthcoming

Intelligent Systems Fusion, Tracking and Control

GeeWah Ng
DSO National Laboratories and
National University of Singapore

Baldock, Hertfordshire, England

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Ng, G. W. (Gee Wah), 1964Intelligent systems : fusion, tracking and control / GeeWah Ng. p. cm. -- (CSI, control and signal/image processing series)
ISBN 0-86380-277-X
1. Intelligent control systems. I. Title. II. Series.
TJ217.5.N4 2003

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ISBN 0 86380 277 X
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Editorial Foreword
This new series of books (CSI: Control and Signal/Image Processing Series) has its origin in the UMIST Control Systems Centre Series, previously edited by my colleagues Professor Peter Wellstead and Dr Martin Zarrop, which concentrated on making widely and rapidly available the results of research undertaken in the Centre. The aim of the new series, while continuing to concentrate on the areas of Control and Signal/Image Processing, is to provide a wider channel of publication for any authors who have novel and important research results, or critical surveys of particular topics, to communicate. My hope and intention is that the series will offer an interesting and useful resource to research workers, students and academics in the fields covered, as well as appealing to the engineering community in general. The present volume, which is the second in the series, is concerned principally with the application of artificial intelligence to the combination of data arising from several different sources. Data fusion problems have arisen particularly in military applications, such as target identification and tracking, but are by no means confined to this area, being of increasing significance also for industry and commerce, especially with regard to the life sciences. Moreover, the methods used, based for example on neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms, are being ever more widely used in data, signal and image processing. I therefore hope and expect that the book will prove to be of wide interest, and appeal to anyone interested in gaining an...
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