Personal Responsibilty in Our World Today

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Personal Responsibility in Our World Today

Personal Responsibility in Our World Today

Gerald Lee


November 12, 2012
Kim Marzella

Personal Responsibility In Our World Today

While some may argue that personal responsibility does not equal maturity or productivity, personal responsibility is very important because it defines an individual as a mature, productive person who takes responsibility for his or her actions and the impact these actions will have on their society.

What is it to be responsible? Garrath Wiliams defines responsibility as this: “The responsible person can be relied on to judge and to act in certain morally desirable ways; in the case of more demanding (“more responsible”) roles, the person can be trusted to exercise initiative and to demonstrate commitment; and when things go wrong, such a person will be prepared to take responsibility for dealing with things. One way of putting this might be to say that the responsible person can be counted on take her responsibilities seriously. “What is it to be responsible?” The philosophical literature has explored three broad approaches to this question: 1. Human beings have free will, that is, distinctive causal powers or a special metaphysical status that separate them from everything else in the universe. 2. Human beings can act on the basis of reason(s).

3. Human beings have a certain set of moral or proto-moral feelings” (Williams, 2006). A responsible person realizes that they have choices to make and will use their reasoning and moral values to make these choices. They will also realize that whatever choice that they make, they will be responsible for the outcome.

Personal responsibility is very important because individuals who take personal responsibility seriously strive to put forth their best effort on anything that they do in life. “Almost everything that happens in our lives is dictated by the choices we make and the attitude we have when things do not go the way we want them to. These choices vary from the mundane to major life changes and everything in between. The object is to make good choices, avoid bad choices and, if you make a bad choice, learn from it. No matter what happens, though, you have to take responsibility for the decisions you make and how they affect your life and those around you.” (Watry, 2011).

This feeling of responsibility will carry over into their work as a student and he or she will be more attentive to their assignments and prioritize their schedules so they may spend an optimum amount of time on needed subjects. If an individual does not take personal responsibility for his or her own education, they can rest assured that no one else will. It is not the instructor’s or their classmates’ duty to ensure that assignments are completed correctly or turned in on time. A person must ensure that they completely understand his or her assignment and if they have any questions, it is their responsibility to find the answers, whether on their own or with help from others. Regardless, if an individual does not take responsibility for their education, they will not be very successful in school or in life.

Individuals who take personal responsibility seriously are great role models for the youth and in today’s society this is very important for our collective future. If our children had more responsible role models, they would be able to achieve greater things in life. All the ‘role models’ that children look up to today, from professional athletes to pop and television stars, get paid incredible amounts of money in their chosen field, yet they act like they have no idea or do not care how their actions effect the children who look up to them. They break laws as if they have no respect for the rules set forth for society, publicize their drug use and relationship problems, and act as...
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