My Out Look on Personal Responsibility

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My Outlook on Personal Responsibility
Anne Marie Bordeaux
March 30, 2013
Barbara Wood

My Outlook on Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility can mean taking ownership in everything one does. It means different things too many people for different reasons. “Broadly defined, personal responsibility is a state in which an individual feels a sense of obligation to a situation or event.” DePasquale, J. P. (2000). Without personal responsibility one may fail not only in college or their job but also ultimately in life. I plan to practice personal responsibility in my education as well as life. One may need personal responsibility for the most success in life, there is a relationship between personal responsibility and college success.

Some people do not practice personal responsibility. They do not admit to what they do whether it is right or wrong. If they do something wrong it is their choice to own up to it, and possibly fix it, even if they did not realize that they may have done wrong. For instance possibly plagiarizing, and they did not know it. The best thing is to own up to it and fix it as soon as one can. It is one’s responsibility to try and fix any wrong doings. Likewise in a job setting if something happens take ownership of what happened, that is a part of personal responsibility. It is always better to fess up to it than wait until it is too late. No one wants to lose his or her job, and if everyone were to practice personal responsibility that should not be an issue.

If people do not practice personal responsibility they may have a chance of failure in everything that they do. It is one’s responsibility to keep track of what they need to do in class and also manage the time to get assignments turned in a timely manner. “Throughout the history of our economy, personal responsibility and accountability have been the foundation. But it never has been as strong, comprehensive, and thorough as it will be from here...
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