Personal Responsibility

Topics: Responsibility, Individual responsibility, Education Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Personal responsibility is a personal choice. It’s taking responsibility for one’s own actions. It is the ability to manage the successful or unsuccessful completion of goals. Taking ownership and not blaming others if the outcome is not optimal is taking personal responsibility. Being responsible is a learned behavior, it requires patience and effort. It applies to all aspects of life. Personal responsibility is influenced by the actual values an individual possesses. Personal responsibility can be influenced by moral or ethical attributes such as honesty, loyalty, and respect. Personal responsibility is the ability of a person to respond to challenges and circumstances of life. Accepting responsibility sets the stage for future generations as it reflects all aspects of life. The relationship between success in college and personal responsibility is dependent upon the emphasis placed on accepting this responsibility. Deciding to go to college and achieve your goals is accepting personal responsibility. Accepting responsibility for your college education is so important to your success that many colleges and universities include it as a part of orientation. Accepting personal responsibility of your college education is being responsible for one’s own learning. Attending college is taking personal responsibility for your education. At the collegiate level you are no longer required by law to attend school. You have the freedom to create your own schedule and determine the number of classes you would like to take. You can decide if you want to be a full time or part-time student. In college you have a large amount of freedom. No one is monitoring if you are attending classes or if you are turning in assignments. Most of all a college education is not free. Most will not have the money to pay cash. College is also a financial responsibility, which is also a way of accepting personal responsibility for your college education. This is a choice you have...
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