Personal Responsibility and College Success

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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What is personal responsibility and how does it relate to college success? To me personal responsibility is to be accountable for oneself and the people around you, in most any situation, there is no other person to hold accountable for your life than yourself. Everything we do is a direct reflection of your personality and the decisions you make. Morals are something you learn from your parents growing up. They teach you to always do the right thing and try not to make bad decisions. As you get older you’re going to start making important decisions that could affect your future. By doing this your growing into a responsible adult. Being personally responsible also means being able to take responsibility for your actions. What I mean by this is if you do something wrong don’t point the finger at someone else and say they did it. Be a responsible adult and be accountable for yourself and the things you do. When going to college you need to be accountable for your actions and the responsibility to turn in your homework, show up to class on time, get good grades, and study for tests. When going to college identify past problems that could set you back and overcome them in the future. In example if your not good at math go to a book store and buy a math tutor book and read it and it can help you focus on solutions and overcome barriers that you might have. When finding solutions to overcome your barriers don’t make excuses and tell yourself you cant do it. Make a system of checks and balances to help alleviate some stress. So if your studying for a long period of time take a break and do something else for a while then come back and finish. Never tell yourself you can’t do it. By doing this your going to feel better about yourself knowing that you did it and you took your time out of your day and learned something new. When going to college you need to make goals, a goal that is beneficial to your overall success. Your goal must be attainable, taking into...
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